At Acquire Consultancy we ensure that our clients get the right product and at right time. Starting from finding the right producer to ensuring the deliverance of the product is being done smoothly we overlook the process with our partners LBP and ensure that we offer you the quality of work with accuracy and in the stipulated timeframe.

We only work with the Producers who are accredited with  Global Gap, Smeta & Haccp as a minimum.

The success of our company is due to the continuous monitoring of the evolution of the production and commercialization systems, which allows us to move towards a model of continuous improvement, with the purpose of obtaining excellent producers who work with leading crops in quality, stability and profitability.

Together with our producers, we never forget Research, Development and Innovation in our production. This together with the strategic market planning forms the fundamental axes of our Services.

Our producers provide transparency of all processes from procurement of raw materials to production, consumption and disposal, giving you the confidence that the highest standards are maintained starting from the source to the shelf.

We collaborate our growers and suppliers in order to achieve total satisfaction and hassle-free process for our clients. Our Teams are always work to ensure that quality & standards set by the accreditors from start to finish are consistantly maintained for our fresh produce.