About Us

Acquire Consultancy is a Global Fresh Produce Consulting & Solutions Company, that has been providing value-added business solutions to business of all sizes, across the Globe.

Whether you’re a Producer or Distributor, we provide you with the right platform to achieve your Company’s true potential within UK and European markets and assist you to achieve you desired results.

For Producers:- We provide you with full Business Management and Accountability and ensure your Produce is managed in the most efficient manner to yield you profits, and growth beyond your expectations.

For Distributors:- We ensure each producer works directly with you is safe, sustainable and has all the relevant accreditations.

Our robust network offers you a wide selection of fresh produce spanning fruits, salads and Vegetables.

Our relationship with a large number of Importers, Distributors and International Producers, helps our dedication to sourcing & Supplying only quality produce from around the world whilst continuously driving cost out of the supply chain, to be a success.

Our Team

At Acquire Consultancy we have a team of specialized and experienced members, who are commitment to the company are the most important values that we adhere to.

We have a Technical Department, which comprises of Agronomist Engineers, who overlook the Production, Planting and Harvesting. This Team together with the Commercial Department ensures the planting of the Crops and analysis the varieties, are done to obtain a product of the highest quality that adapts to the demands of our customers.

Our Production Department has a team of highly experienced professionals who Co-ordinate, Control and Analyse all phases of the Product so that our clients’ orders are carried out in a consistent & timely manner.

This Quality Control Team ensures that the Product meets the Quality and Packaging standards required by our customers.

The entire above process is monitored by the Administration and the Commercial Departments which handles the entire management and the marketing process of all products.

Our experience

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