Our Story

Simplifresh has its roots in the late 1970s, starting as a Fresh Produce distribution business supplying within London. A gradual expansion and consolidation process began in 2004. Our happy customers and multiplying demand encouraged us through the way. Eventually, it led Simplifresh to expand its wholesale supply of top quality fresh fruits and vegetables to all of Europe by 2010.

Meanwhile, leading Fresh Produce Brands began approaching Simplifresh to optimise their supply chain operations and find cost reduction methods. Our experience and market presence allowed us to deliver impressive results, which led to the fast expansion of our producers and distributors’ network.

As our clients’ expectations rose, we responded by ensuring better profits for producers and helping distributors find the right markets. In the process, we perfected our methods of linking producers and distributors across the globe but focusing on Latin and Central America and the UK and Britain. That’s how Simplifresh has taken shape over the decades.

Today, it has partnerships with the leading shipping and Fresh Produce logistics companies and one of the largest producer directories and distributors’ networks.

Leading Fresh Produce brands continue to approach us for Fresh Produce supply chain . We love to help them produce and deliver Faster and Fresher.


Simplifresh has dedicated experts for procurement, quality control, distribution management, and Fresh Produce company incorporation in the UK. The team is lead by dynamic management that supports innovation in supply chain management.

The Simplifresh team’s vast experience in the Fresh Produce Industry and the UK and European food markets helps us create customised solutions.
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Mission and Goals

Extending Freshness, Increasing profit margins, Promoting food safety, Maximising Shelf Life, and Ensuring Consistent Business Opportunities – That’s what we are here to accomplish!

Simplifresh is driven by the mission of providing the best to everyone in the Fresh Produce industry. It strives to provide its producers with a foothold in the most profitable markets in the UK and Europe.

We have committed ourselves. To ensure that small scale fresh produce farmers can invest their increased profits in improving crop quality, sustainable farming practices, and build their brand. We want to make more producers capable of establishing their UK-based company to streamline their products’ supply. Therefore, we focus on significant improvements in profit margins from the outset.

Simplifresh will continue to offer our clients from either side of the Atlantic to get the best on the other side. Our producers get the best markets while our distributors get the best Fresh Produce.

We promote global food safety standards and encourage smooth trade between regions and continents.

Simplifresh wants to provide the right product for the right markets while multiplying business opportunities for our distributors.

Like any company, Simplifresh aspires to go global. We are looking to expand outside Europe within this decade. We are aiming to facilitate fresh produce business in any market across the globe to small scale farmers.

Whether they belong to America, Asia, or Africa, if producing high-quality fresh produce is their business, Simplifresh will love to extend its helping hand. We will help them comply with global food safety standards and find profitable avenues. With Acquire’s guidance, we see them establishing their companies in the UK regardless of borders and cultural barriers.


  • Mutual growth with our clients.
  • Helping producers realise the potential of their product.
  • Guarantee complete control of your own fresh produce business.
  • Maximum independence to producers as they build their brand.
  • Support to global food safety standards. We don’t deal with companies or individuals that fail to comply with established standards.