Get certified.

BRCGS is the world’s leading food safety and consumer protection organisation that offers GFSI recognised Standards and auditing schemes. It was the vision of a group of retailers aiming for uniform safety standards throughout the food supply chain. It has set specific criteria for each aspect of the supply chain covering all aspects of product management and safety across the supply chain. Compliance with these standards leads to certification by third parties. BRCGS maintains the highest auditing quality worldwide.

What are BRCGS Standards offer? What is their scope?

BRCGS offers an array of auditing programs for different aspects to ascertain global standards, which include:

  1. Agents, Brokers, Import, and Export companies – Safety of product, quality of products, and traceability.
  2. Ethical Sourcing and Trading – Workers’ health and welfare, fair wages, workplace safety, No child labour, bonded labour, forced labour, and business ethics.
  3. Food Safety – Product safety, sustainability, hazard analysis and prevention, risk minimisation in production zones, workforce hygiene, and assurance of the consistent quality of products.
  4. Food Safety Culture and Practices – Cultural improvements in farming and production practices.
  5. Packaging Materials – Safe packaging, packaging materials site safety, maintenance of product quality, traceability, Microbiological Environmental Monitoring, and risk reduction.
  6. Storage and Distribution – Quality assurance, cold storage, hygiene, and waste management inspection for wholesale, e-commerce, cross-docking, and contract packing.
  7. Retail – Sourcing, operations, product safety, product quality maintenance, and consumer protection.

Which BRCGS audits do producers need? Why?

Ethical Sourcing and Trading, Food Safety, and Food Safety Culture audits are the essential BRCGS audits for producers. Producers get certification from third parties after the successful, positive reporting by auditors.

Producers can explore more global markets, attract more distributors and consumers, and boost their brand image with these certifications. Certification builds trust in all supply chain members, promotes efficiency, and ensures better prices for produce.

Which BRCGS standards are essential for distributors? Why?

Packaging Materials and Storage and Distribution BRCGS audits are essential for distributors. They help assure customers and consumers that the products distributed besides the distribution services meet high standards. They help in market penetration, customer trust-building, and business image enhancement.

Certificates earned through BRCGS audits [enhance] consumers’ confidence in your distribution business.

How to apply for BRCGS compliance?

BRCGS does not provide certificates on its own. Third-party national level Certification Bodies (CB) grant certification. The auditors belong to the CB. They also need to register with BRCGS since they will be using the BRCGS auditing schemes.

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