Meet the global standards.

Global GAP is an organisation that provides certifications to confirm the optimal standards of farm production and agricultural products. The organisation strives towards maximising benefits to framers, producers, retailers, and consumers.

GlobalGAP engages with numerous accredited certification bodies to conduct independent third-party audits before issuing certificates.

SimpliFresh helps its producers to attain GlobalGAP certifications.

What is the Global GAP Certification?

A GlobalGAP certification is a trademark and proof of the high standard of food safety, humane production processes, sustainability, and farming methods. Both the products and producers can get certifications.

The certification assessments involve ensuring food safety, sustainability, good health of workers, and animal welfare. Other considerations include pest control, quality control, farm management, and hazard control.

GlobalGAP certificates are the most widely accepted certifications for food safety across the globe. There are over 700 certified products. Over 2 lakh GlobalGAP certified producers across the world are spread out in more than 135 countries.

What are the GlobalGAP certifications for Producers?

  • GlobalG.A.P. IFA (IFA is Integrated Farm Assurance) is the most crucial certification for producers. It is catering to more than 40 standards. It allows the product and the producer to enter the global market.
  • The GlobalG.A.P. certification is upgradable by adding on modules. Producers get a chance to cater to the standards that their specific buyers are demanding. GlobalGAP offers the customisation of add-ons.
  • GlobalG.A.P. CfP standard certificate is a non-accredited, self-assessment and internal inspection based certificate for Crops for Processing (CfP). This certificate is for fresh produce that goes for freezing or juicing.
  • GlobalG.A.P. certificate for Produce Safety Assurance is a food safety certificate. It covers the entire production process from sowing to packaging, but only from the perspective of food safety. Many producers take this certificate before going for the GlobalG.A.P. IFA.

Why is GlobalGAP relevant for Distributors?

GlobalGAP certified producers ensure high-quality products and transparency. Distributors can always check from the official GlobalGAP website if the producer they are dealing with is certified. Working with accredited producers means happy customers and consumers for the distributors. Ensuring food safety means a better reputation in the fresh produce market.