Ensure the fresh produce industry standards.

PrimusGFS is a comprehensive audit scheme for the Fresh Produce supply chain. It is a complete assessment for the Fresh Produce businesses in Latin America, Central America, the USA, Canada, and Europe and significantly impacts consumer choices. It aims to ensure that the farming, harvesting, and food safety mechanisms meet the highest global standards. PrimusGFS auditing covers four major standards set for the fresh produce industry supply chain.


What is the scope of PrimusGFS?

PrimusGFS involves a comprehensive auditing process that covers all stages from pre-production down to packaging and storage. It encompasses seven points of the supply chain. Each level and aspect has a corresponding auditing module.

1. Farm
2. Greenhouses for Indoor Agriculture
3. Harvesting Crews
4. Storage and Distribution infrastructure and processes
5. Cold Storage
6. Packing standards and facilities
7. Fresh produce processing

The PrimusGFS assessments to check the standards include the following aspects:

• Farming practices and methods
• Possible hazards and ways of preventing them
• Cleanliness and food safety procedures during processing and manufacturing
• Harvesting workers’ hygiene
• Harvesting practices
• Indoor production facility safety standards and hazard control
• Safety audits of facilities for cold storage, processing, storage, and packaging.

What is the purpose of PrimusGFS certification? What are the benefits?

PrimusGFS accreditation ensures that:

• Your fresh produce production business is capable of meeting the safety standards that customers and consumers expect.
• Your production facilities and products are safe from food safety dangers.
• The efficiency of farming operations and production is improved.
• Your products meet the global standards and smoothly make their way and meet their potential in the global fresh produce market.
• Your agricultural products meet the requirements for all the worldwide safety and quality certifications like GAP, GMP, HACCP, and FSMS.

How is PrimusGFS useful for producers?

PrimusGFS auditing helps the producers ensure that their production processes and products match global safety standards. It is essential for guaranteeing a stable market for the products. Producers ignoring the PrimusGFS are either not able to qualify for or sell in the global markets. On the other hand, producers with the PrimusGFS certificate enjoy better prices for their products. They can build their brand quickly.

What is the significance of PrimusGFS certification for distributors?

PrimusGFS is equally significant for distributors. It tells their customers and consumers that their producers are complying with global standards of food safety. It will build their trust in the market bring stability to their distribution business.

How to get PrimusGFS certification?

PrimusGFS certificate can be issued only by the licensed and approved certification bodies.
SimpliFresh will help in each step of getting a PrimusGFS certification. We aim to plug the small and often ignored information gaps. We link you to the nearest certification body in your region. Preventing overcharging for audits remains our primary concern.

With our decades of consultancy experience, we will also highlight the common issues before the inspection begins for easing the auditing process.