1. Scope of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy provides the details regarding our obtaining and use of your data. It answers the following queries a person may have around the use of personal data.

  • How do we obtain and use the personal data of a user (you)?
  • Why are we permitted by the law to collect personal data?
  • Who will have access to your data after its collection?
  • What are the rights of the user about our use of the user’s data?

We request you to review this Privacy Policy carefully.

We are serious about your privacy and will use your data only as described in this Privacy Policy. We control the personal data provided to us by the website users.

You have the rights to object to our processing of your data. You may refer to “Your Rights” section below.

2. What Personal Data we may collect? Why?

Any information that has the potential of identifying you personally is personal data. It may identify you directly or indirectly. For examples, your name identifies you directly, while information such as the use of our services may identify you indirectly.

We may collect the following:

  • Contact details: These may include information such as your name, contact numbers, and email addresses which you provide while you make an enquiry regarding our services from our website to enable us to respond to the enquiries that you make.
  • Correspondence: We collect personal data that you provide while during your correspondence with us. When you email us, or call us by phone using our website, or post a comment on our website, or contact us via any other means, we will be collecting additional personal information.
  • Surveys: Sometimes, we may ask our users to answer surveys or questionnaires to make this website more informative, more functional, more user-friendly, for our research purposes, or for any other reason that helps us provide better services in general. We will collect personal information from such surveys and questionnaires.
  • Website Visits: We will derive personal data from the website user data. This includes, but not limited to:
  • General website traffic data
  • Locational data
  • Blog visit data
  • Data related to communication
  • Resources Access Data

We will use this data to make this website more informative, functional, user-friendly, and for our general research and marketing research purposes, besides any other reason that helps us provide improved services.

3. Cookies

You may understand what cookies are by following this link. [Outbound link].

3.1 What type of and for what purposes are cookies used in relation to this website?

Our partners and we use the following types of cookies for the purposes outlined below:

  • Essential Cookies: These are cookies that we require to ensure better website performance and services in specific cases. An example is a cookie that allows coordination between the browser and the website. Please note that there’s a cookie for Cookie Preference as well. It’s an essential cookie. You will read more about it in the section below.
  • Analytics Cookies: Analytics Cookies enable our understanding of the website use. It allows us to know how they are utilizing the website as a resource and engaging with the website. We cannot monitor our website performance consistently without them. We will not be able to ensure smooth website services, improve the website performance, and develop new features for our users without these cookies. Examples include the cookies that tell us how often particular web pages, website, or features have been visited or used.
  • User Cookies: We need cookies to know your preferences when you use our website from the second time onwards. We remember your preferences to save your time and improve your experience of using the website.
  • Cookies for Social Sharing: Third-party cookies enable sharing the content from our website directly to Social Networking channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram etc. Please refer to details in the “Third Party Cookies” section below.
  • Advertising Related Cookies: We may choose to run advertisements on our website in future. We will ensure that the advertisements are relevant to our users. To ensure the relevance of advertisements, we may use third-party cookies to get an idea of what you like on our website and what are pages, features, and services you are interested in. These cookies will also allow us to know the country or region you are based in. This will contribute to making the advertisements more relevant to you. However, these cookies will not raise the number of advertisements that will be displayed to you while you are browsing. Read the “Third Party Cookies” section given below to know more about Third Party Cookies.

3.2 How can a user choose to stop receiving cookies? 

You can opt-out of cookies by declining the cookies when you open the website. When you open the website, you will get the option of declining or accepting the cookies. [This is an essential practice now, and we must ensure that the cookie option pop-up is in place on the website.]

3.3 Third Party Cookies

Some cookies may be stored in your device by third parties when you visit our website. These Third Parties may also read cookies already on your browser to optimize and customize their content and advertisements delivered to you. Please note that we cannot control how the third parties use their cookies. We allow third parties to use their cookies because we find some of their service important for our website and its users. An example is Analytics.

4. Purposes for which we use your data, and how?

4.1 To enable the use of the website, provide information and features, and offer the services

To provide you with the information, features and, website services in accordance with and subject to the “Terms of Website Use” mentioned on the website, whether as a fresh visitor or a repeat user.

4.2 To communicate with you

We use the contact details provided by you during the start of communication with us or in reply during exchanges. We do this in order to keep you updated about the content and features on our website, or other website updates, or updates regarding the services we offer.

4.3 Marketing including that by Third Parties  

If we have your consent or the right, we may be using your contact details for marketing our services, both those on the website and those related to our business. We will do so by sending emails, SMS, posts, or phone calls regarding the same.

However, you may unsubscribe from receiving such marketing updates by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link in the email or by contacting us by any other means mentioned on the website.

We trust our partners in their use of our user’s information. They, too, may use your contact details for marketing their services, both those on their website and those relating to their business. They will do so by sending emails, SMS, posts, or phone calls regarding the same.

However, we will share your data with our partners only by your consent. 

You may unsubscribe from receiving marketing updates from them any time by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link in the email. You may contact us by any other means mentioned on the website.

4.4 Tracking the usage of the website

We may use cookies and similar methods to track and monitor user activity on the website. Such tracking, monitoring, and reviewing will help us improve the website performance, add features, content, and functionality, and offer a more personalised user experience depending upon the use, preferences, and requirements of each user.

4.5 To offer and improve Support

We may use your personal data to enable our support staff and improve our support services. An example is when you ask a question to know our services better or to understand our policies or Terms of Website Use.

4.6 Record Maintenance and Data Accuracy

We need personal data for our internal record maintenance and administrative purposes. It’s a standard practice amongst organisations. This may include regularly updating your personal data to ensure that we have the latest and accurate personal information about you.

4.7 Complaints and Disputes

We require using your personal data to promptly respond to complaints made by you in relation to the website or any of its content or features. Similarly, for an instance where a dispute arises that relates to the services provided by the website, we need to use your personal data to resolve it effectively such that it satisfies you and us.

4.8 Fraud Prevention and Legal Compliance

Sometimes we may use your personal data to a limited extent only so as to ensure our compliance with the law.

We will also need to use your personal data to prevent fraud, carry out or help in the process of investigating and detecting fraud. Even when you are not a suspect, we may require presenting your personal data to law enforcement agencies at their request.

5. Legal Grounds for Processing Data

Data Protection law permits processing your data only if we satisfy the legal grounds for it. These legal grounds are detailed in the data protection law. We have a number of grounds under the provisions of the data protection law to process your personal data. These are the following:

5.1 Consent

There are circumstances where we process your personal data only after obtaining your prior consent for the same. Such circumstances include:

  • When we send you marketing communication
  • When we share our personal contact details with our partners to enable them to send you marketing communication related to their services that are similar to our services.
  • When we have to conduct market research.

5.2 Compliance with legal obligations

We require processing your personal details, including your contact details and the business you may be representing for the execution of the “Terms of Website Use” mentioned on the website. We rely on this ground for:

  • Providing you with the information, content, features, website services, and services.
  • Communicating about the services provided through the website and the services provided by us a business, and updating you about them.
  • To offer and improve support.

Your choice of not providing the personal information or providing it selectively will impact our ability to provide you services through our website.

5.3 For managing our business interests and the business interests of a third party

Sometimes, we may collect your personal data for our legitimate business interests. These business interests may be the following:

  • To provide you with the services we provide as a business, we may require personalising our communication with you. By personalising our communication with you, we will be able to update you about our new services and offers that may interest you and provide benefit to you.
  • We may need the personal data of the users to understand the customer base better so that we can improvise upon our services provided as a business better.
  • We may need the personal data of our users to send users the marketing material that markets our services according to their needs and interests.
  • For compliance with our obligations to the third parties.
  • For improving the contents, features, and user experience of our website.
  • We need your personal data to respond to your questions pertaining to our services as a business, our website services, our policies or questions regarding any other matter as we continue to provide you with our services as a business and our website services.
  • To make sure that our website, its contents, and its features appear and run without errors on your browser and system.
  • To enable operational management, administrative tasks, and documentation.
  • For ensuring compliance with the regulatory guidelines and exercising or defending legal claims.

Wherever and whenever we come to the conclusion that there may be a risk to even one of your interests or that your freedoms or fundamental rights may be impacted, we will not process your personal data. However, even in such a scenario, we will have to process your personal data to comply with our legal obligations.

6. With whom we share your Data?

We share your data with our clients and partners. We may also share it with other companies in our group. Our clients, partners, or companies in our group may process your data for us.

We may also reveal your Data if we are under obligation by law to do so. We may also do it for ensuring the protection of rights, safety, and property of our clients and partner businesses. This may include the exchange of information done to prevent frauds.

There may be instances where the personal data of users collected by us may have to be shared outside the European Economic Area or EEA. Not all of the countries and regions may have the same laws as that of the UK and EEA. Thus your personal data may not have the same legal protection, through the same laws, and to the same degree.

However, we are required by laws regarding data protection to make sure that when we or any of the related processors transfer or share your personal data beyond the EEA, it gets maximum protection. Thus, it will be ensured that:

  • Your data remains secure
  • It’s not accessible to unauthorized personnel
  • It’s not lost or destroyed.
  • It is not processed in a manner that breaches the law.
  • It only used and processed in a manner that is consistent with the purposes mentioned and elaborated in this Privacy and Cookie Policy.

7. For what duration do we keep your personal data?

We ensure you that your personal data will not be retained by us unnecessarily. We will not keep it only for the time period for which it is required for fulfiling the purposes for which it was collected. Thus, the duration of keeping the data will vary depending upon the type of data we have collected from you.

These factors will be considered while deciding the data retention period.

  • Obligations set by law for data retention for a certain specific period of time.
  • Statute of limitations as set by law.
  • Potential disputes or actual disputes that may arise.
  • Data protection guidelines issued by the relevant authorities.

Please note that we delete your Data permanently and securely from our systems once it is no longer required.

8. Your Rights

You are ensured of the following rights in relation to your personal data:

8.1 Rights to Information

You have the rights to avail clear, accurate, and transparent information regarding how your personal data will be collected and used. You also have the right to get clear, accurate, and transparent information regarding all your rights pertaining to your personal data.

8.2 Right of Access  

In case we are processing your personal data, you have the right to access your personal data. You have this right so that you can check and assure yourself that your personal data is being used in accordance with and without violating the data protection law.

  • Right of Rectification

In case the personal data is incomplete, inaccurate, outdated, or incorrect, you have the right to request rectification of your personal data.

  • Right of Erasure

Right to Erasure (sometimes called Right to be Forgotten) is your right to request the removal or erasure of your data from our systems and databases when we do not have a reason for retaining it. You also carry the Right to Object to the Processing of Data and the Right to withdraw your consent for the Processing of Data. These are not general rights, and we may keep your data in accordance with the factors outlined in Point 7 above.

  • Rights of Restricting, Limiting, Objecting, and Withdrawing Consent on Processing of Data

You have the right to stop or curb the processing of your personal data in certain specific situations. These may include marketing purposes or some of our or our partners’ business purposes. In such cases, we will not process your data, but we may still store it according to the data retention policy as mentioned above in Point 7.

  • Right of Portability of Data

In some circumstances, you possess the right to request, obtain, and use your personal data in a structure that is readable by machine and is commonly used. In certain circumstances where appropriate conditions apply, you have the right to request such data to be transferred directly to a third party on your behalf.

  • Right to Complain to Data Protection Authorities

You may choose to complain to the Information Commissioner if you find that we have failed to comply with the data protection laws while handling your data.

9. Contacting Us

If you wish to exercise a data protection right, or you have some queries regarding the use of personal data, or you are unhappy with the way your personal data is being used, contact us by using the details mentioned on the website.

If you are dissatisfied with our response, or you believe that our use of your personal data is non-compliant with the data protection law, then you may contact the Information Commissioner’s Office to register a formal complaint. You may use the following link for this purpose or to find how to register a complaint.


10. Links to Websites

This website may contain links that link to other websites that may be owned and operated by third-party websites. Note that this Privacy and Cookies Policy is not applicable to such third-party websites. We suggest you read the Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Terms of Use, Terms and Conditions etc., on these websites. It will inform you about how the use of personal data is governed when you visit and use these websites.

Note that we do not accept the responsibility or the liability of the privacy and user personal data use policy of these third-party websites. The risk of using these websites shall be entirely yours.

However, we ensure you that we place only the links of genuine, reliable, useful, and trustworthy third parties and their websites.

11. Changes to Privacy and Cookie Policy

This Privacy and Cookie Policy updated on 3rd May 2021.

This Privacy and Cookie Policy may be changed at specific intervals, and we request you to check for the updates at regular intervals and each time you provide your personal data to us.