Simplifresh has over 20 years of experience in the Global Fresh Produce Industry. We help you establish your own Fresh Produce company, brand, and products in the British and European markets.

We at Acquire Consultancy have over 20 years’ experience in the Global Fresh Produce Industry and we can assist you in establishing your Company, Brand and Produce in the UK and European Markets, whilst retaining full control of your business.

Being a partner with Acquire Consultancy we help our producers to establish their own UK based firm. The benefit of this process is, you can send the produce in your own company name, rather than in the name of any other customer, so you stay in control from start to finish.

We have highly reputable clients around the UK & Europe, where we supply ?? containers of produce per week. All customers cater to Supermarkets, wholesale markets & Food service companies around Europe.

We have stringent process which are followed by both our producers and customers in the market.  We bring in customers from various markets for our producers.

We at Acquire consultancy ensure that a smooth business process is followed from production to deliverance of product to the clients. We ensure complete transparency in the entire process for better clarity amongst both parties.

With our knowledge and expertise we ensure that our Producers come in touch with the right market and we guide them throughout the full process.

What can we offer?

We at Acquire Consultancy can offer you:-

  • UK Company Incorporation & Business Banking Facilities- We can assist you in
  • Export and Import Management- Due to our links with major shipping companies around the globle, we can assist you in fining the right shipping company to streamline your transit times around the globle
  • Produce Management- Through our trusted partners at LBP, we are able to provide you with fully accresdited facility, which will arrange everything from collection, storage, quality control & distribution.
  • UK & European Distribution Management
  • UK/European Office, Warehouse & Packing Facilities
  • Guidance for Sales, Procurement and Operations Management
  • Optimised operations, reduced costs and improved service quality

Producers Stay in Total Control of their Business

We believe in making the processes associated with the production, supply, and distribution of Fresh Produce simpler.

We help our partner producers establish their UK-based firm enabling them to send the Fresh Produce in their company name. It ensures complete control from start to finish. It saves their time and money while ensuring that the product reaches the market in time.

Even though we work with producers of all sizes, it’s the Small scale producers we love to help. We believe that the growth potential for everyone in the supply chain with small scale producers is immense. Not everyone likes to take up the challenge. We do!

We are experts in helping small scale producers create a name for their products and brand in the UK and European markets. We ensure consistent and higher profit margins besides a vast pool of market information. Simplifresh assists them in everything. From improving produce quality at the farm level to food safety compliance and targeting the right markets.

Massive Directory of Fresh Produce Buyers

Over the decades, we have established excellent relationships with Fresh Produce buyers in and around the UK and Europe.

Our producer partners get exposure to a handsome market of buyers who supply reputed brands and well-established Supermarkets, Wholesale Markets, and Food Service Companies in the regions. As a result, your brand builds faster while profits multiply over time.

We ensure that your product reaches the markets and consumers fresher, faster and safer!

Bridging the Quality Supply and Demand Gap

We have an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the Fresh Produce Industry, and we are ever curious and eager to learn more. From production conditions to farming challenges such as Climate Change and changing tastes and consumption patterns to shifting market trends, we love to keep ourselves and our clients updated.

If there’s a change in the consumer demand reflected in the wholesale markets, we are the first to know and convey it to our producers.

Similarly, we understand that it’s a challenge to maintain high production standards when environmental and climatic conditions are becoming unexpected. Don’t worry! Our buyers and markets are exceptionally heterogeneous and wide-ranging. With diverse demand markets, our producers are assured of buyers all year-round. Year after year!

We strive to link the producers to the best markets to maximise profits, promote high-quality production, and ensure sustainable farming practices.

Stringent Processes and Complete Transparency

Simplifresh believes in accreditation and licensing best practices. We are stringent about them and encourage our producers and buyers to follow them. Complete transparency in all dealings and market processes is essential to our modus operandi. For us, that’s the foundation of great relationships and beneficial long-term partnerships between Simplifresh , Producers, and Buyers.

Simplifresh Services

We offer advice at all stages for optimised operations, cost reduction, and quality improvement.

 Our Services include:

  • UK Company Incorporation
  • Procurement: Our procurement at the best prices ensures profit stability across seasons.
  • Export and Import Management: We have excellent working relationships with the most reputed shipping companies worldwide. Our producers enjoy the most reliable shipping services. We ensure smooth shipping of produce. Our focus is on saving the time, money, and effort of our partner producers.
  • Produce Management provides fully accredited facilities for collecting, storage, quality control, and fresh produce distribution.
  • Warehouse Management and Packaging assistance: Warehouse management and packaging with our partners add value and ensures extended freshness.
  • Operations Management: We assist you with supply chain customisation and design.