Supply chain optimisation

Whether its packing at source, negotiating competitive shipping rates or minimizing product handling, Acquire Consultancy is focused on reducing costs for our clients and suppliers.

Cost effective logistics

Working to maximise direct deliveries from source, we endeavour to minimise both storage costs and time.

In partnership with LBP (Logistic Business Partners), we optimize the packaging of professionally grown products.

LBP is our industry leading partner, based in UK. They offer us a full package of PACKING and RIPENING services.

Packing to specification

LBP is offering a full package of PACKING and RIPENING services. Adding Value to our standard services is vital for the future of our operation.

We collaborate our growers and suppliers in order to achieve total satisfaction and hassle-free process for our clients.

We work with our Technical Team to ensure that quality & standards set by the accreditors from start to finish are consistently maintained for our fresh produce.