This website promotes Simplifresh services and business. ‘We’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ in this Terms of Website Use (Terms, hereinafter) refers to Simplifresh.

The use of Simplifresh website is subject to this Terms of Website Use. Please do not use this website if you (User, hereinafter) do not agree to these Terms. By using this website, the User provides consent to be bound by the following Terms, which are legal agreement between the User and us. These Terms can be modified and updated only by us. Read them along with any other details that our website provides regarding how the website operates and what are the services available. Please go through our Privacy and Cookie Policy as well.

We have the sole right to change these Terms without giving any prior notice.

1. Accessing the Website

1.1 We do not promise that the website will be available without interruptions and will remain error-free. The User shall not try to interfere in any way with the smooth functioning of the website. Particularly, none of the following attempts shall be made.

1.1.1 Circumventing the security of the website or any other visitor on the website.

1.1.2 Tampering with the website in any manner.

1.1.3 Attempting to hack into the website.

1.1.4 Disrupting the website, computer systems, server, router, or any device connected to the internet through any means.

1.2 Ensuring the compatibility of the computer system and other technical specifications such as those related to the internet and networks shall be the User’s responsibility.

1.3 We cannot guarantee that any content on our website or our website will be free from viruses, harmful codes, or infections. It is the User’s responsibility to use security checking procedures, install anti-virus, and understand the safety requirements pertaining to the input/output of data.

1.4 Sometimes, we may restrict access to parts or the whole of the website to our Users at our sole discretion. We may at times suspend, amend, or withdraw certain features and content on our website at our discretion without prior notice. We are not liable to you and/or a third party for the discontinuity of the website or any of its features, pages and content.

2. Use of Website

2.1 Use the website and the information provided on it with responsibility. Our website and the information provided on it shall not be used for any unlawful, anti-social, or fraudulent activity which damages our reputation or harms our business.

2.2 Using the website for the following purposes is strictly prohibited:

  • Unlawful activities
  • Sending spam
  • Abusing, harassing physically or mentally or threatening another person.
  • Invading any person’s privacy.
  • Offending any producer or distributor, or any other person in our or any other related Industry and Market.
  • Creating, updating, or checking your or another entity’s databases, website content, records, and lists of clients or customers (prospective or otherwise).
  • Attempting any tampering, manipulation, updates, or changes to any part of the website.
  • Attempting to harm the website speed or the manner in which the website is run.
  • Burdening or hampering the communication and/or technical infrastructure of any of our producers or distributors, or any other person in our or any other related Industry and Market.
  • Employing automated means for monitoring or plagiarising the website and content on our website.
  • Interference with the working of the website in any way.

3. Intellectual Property

3.1 All content on the website is protected by copyright. Content here includes, but not limited to, the following:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Diagrams
  • Photographs
  • Graphics
  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Applications
  • Software

3.2 We and our licensors are fully entitled to own the copyright and database rights for all the content and in all matters pertaining to its selection, modification, and arrangement on the website and outside it for our business purposes.

3.3 Nothing in these Terms gives you the right to use any of our intellectual property in any way. You shall not:

3.3.1 Assert to obtain such a right.

3.3.2 Attempt to obtain such a right.

3.3.3 Use, copy, publish, modify or reproduce any contents of the website.

3.3.4 Transmit or participate in the sale or transferring of any of the contents.

3.3.5 Use our name, trademark, logos, and other proprietary marks wholly or partially                    accept as allowed by these Terms.

4. Providing Content for our Website

4.1 You may provide data, content or other materials to our website in various ways. These would be considered User Content. They may include, however not limited to:

4.1.1 Ratings

4.1.2 Reviews

4.1.3 Articles

4.1.4 Audio and.or Video Content

4.1.5 Images/Photographs/Graphics/Animations

4.2 You grant us free of charge and irrevocable permission to use this User Content for any  internal or external purpose.

This permission includes the right to: Edit Adapt Develop

The external and internal purposes including, but not limited to, sharing via any medium worldwide for research, marketing, and promotion. We may share the User Content with our third-party partners, on social media, to service providers, and through networking sites.

4.3 The ownership of the User Content is yours at all times. You have the total right to use it anywhere and in whatever way you choose.

4.4 By providing this website with the User Content, you confirm that:

4.4.1 The User Content is your original work.

4.4.2 You have permission to give it to this website.

4.4.3 You are authorised to let us use the User Content in accordance with the Terms.

4.4.4 The User Content does not consist of or promote deliberately or unknowingly anything misleading, defamatory, abusive, harmful, unlawful, or anything that risks your and our public image or brings disrepute to yours and ours partners.

4.4.5 The User Content does not impinge upon anyone’s privacy or infringes upon anyone’s rights.

4.4.6 The User Content does not carry any virus, harmful code, or anything that can damage the website or any other user’s system or impacts the workings of the website or its contents negatively.

4.4.7 If the User Content is to be in future or being used for the purpose of promotion of your or your partner’s business, you shall clearly inform and update us openly, timely, and clearly about yours and your partner’s use and of the association between the two.

4.4.8 The User Content does not contain mass mailing or spam in any form whatsoever.

4.5 If you cannot provide us with the aforementioned permissions, you shall not provide any User Content to us.

4.6 We are not under any obligation to publish the User Content, and we may remove it whenever we deem fit and for any reason. We are not under any obligation to communicate when and why the User Content has been removed from the website.

4.7 We do not edit any part or whole of User Content. However, we may review any User Content on the website. In case of doubts related to the compliance of the User Content with the requirements mentioned in the Terms, especially under “Intellectual Property” and “Providing Content for our Website”, please inform us at the earliest. We will review it, and as we deem fit, we may ask you to edit it to comply with the Terms or remove it.

5. Our Liability

5.1 Although we will try our best to keep the website useful and updated with the latest information at all times, we accept no liabilities and conditions with regard to our website. Therefore, any such liability can be excluded by law.

5.2 In any circumstances, we, the website operator, or any individual or organisation that is involved in the creation, production, maintenance, or distribution of the website or any of its contents, shall not be liable, in contract, tort (involvement of negligence included) or breach of statutory duty, even when foreseeable, for:

  • Loss of profits, market share, sales, revenue or business in general
  • Interruptions in business
  • Brand image, business possibilities, goodwill, and reputation

5.2.4 Use of information

5.2.5 Corruption to information

5.2.6 Loss of information.

5.2.7 Forecasted savings

6. Links and Third-party Resources

6.1 The links to the websites of our partners or any other links are provided for the purpose of information only and is bound by “Use of Website” of these Terms.

6.2 The third-party resources provided are also for your information only and bound by the aforementioned “Use of Website” in the Terms.

6.3 Any links on the website shall not be used for lead extraction or lead building purposes and strictly be used for informational purposes only.

7. Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

7.1 The Terms mentioned here in their entirety, for the website use, constitute the whole agreement between the User and us. If a court comes to a decision that one or more of the Terms and/or Conditions mentioned here are invalid, the remaining conditions shall continue to apply.

7.2 The use of this website is governed by the Laws of England and Wales. This website, its features, and content are run, managed, updated, and controlled from the United Kingdom. However, this website is accessible from anywhere around the world. The place from where the website is accessed may have Laws different to the Laws of England and Wales. However, your use of this website makes your agreement to the Laws of England and Wales for everything related to the use of the website implicit. By using the website, you are confirming to abide by these laws of England and Wales, failing which may invite legal action in your country.

8. General

8.1 Any formal communication regarding the use of the website or legal notices shall be sent to us. For this, you can use the contact and mailing details mentioned on the website.

8.2 Please note that failure of enforcement of a right from our end does not mean a waiver of that right. The rights in the Terms cannot be assigned to or transferred to someone else.

8.3 If any portions of the Terms are found to be unenforceable from the legal perspective, the remaining portions of the Terms shall still remain in force. The unenforceable portions shall not impact the remaining ones to stay in force.

  1. Contacting Us

If you encounter a problem with our website, then you may let us know. For this, and for any other issue regarding the use of this website, you can contact us on the details mentioned on the website.