Fresh Produce Company Setup

Simplifresh assists in setting up a UK-based company for its producers. It helps them with company formation, incorporation, setting up of accounts, documentation, and getting an office address.

Fresh Produce businesses with UK addresses are more likely to be favoured by distributors and other supply chain members.

We guide you in every aspect from start to finish in securing your own space in the UK business scene. Our experience brings the advantage of making the company set up process hassle-free. As an essential element of our cost-reduction strategy, we insist our producers set up a UK-based company.

We customise and update our Fresh Produce Company Formation services to ensure the following advantages for our producers.

  • Maximising control over the Fresh Produce Business: Getting a company registered in the UK reduces dependency on other companies. You can sell your product to yourself. Besides, you also get to decide what fresh produce you want to sell, how much of it, and whom.
  • Save Taxes: Setting up a UK based company proves very efficient and profitable in the longer run. You can save significantly on taxes by opening a company in the UK. At 19%, it offers one of the lowest corporation tax rates amongst the major economies in the world.
  • Faster Delivery: Producers sending fresh produce in their name avoid additional paperwork. Having your own company will speed up the delivery of goods into the UK and European market. Faster delivery means fresher products at the time of selling and consumption.
  • Market Access: With your own UK-based fresh produce company, you will be able to access the vast UK and European market with greater ease. The regional market will not consider you an outsider, and this will also help in market penetration and business growth.
  • Fresh Produce Brand Building: Your fresh produce company can grow into a brand in itself. Your presence in the region of consumption of your fresh produce, besides its quality, helps build your brand image. With a UK-based company, you have every possibility of creating a name for yourself in one of the biggest and fastest-growing markets of fresh produce.

Simplifresh will assist you in these aspects of Fresh Produce Business Setup in the UK:

Company Formation and Incorporation

We help our producers at each step in setting up their own Fresh Produce Company in the UK. We will help you in:

  • Finding a unique name for your company for registration formalities
  • Choosing the right company type
  • Filling the IN01 form for registration
  • Filing to the Company House
  • Preparing the Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Selecting the correct SIC code
  • Company Registration and getting the Registration Number (CRN)
  • Obtaining the Certificate of Incorporation

Preparing the Statement of Capital


Simplifresh will aid you in arranging all the paperwork before filing in the Company House.

Our experience will steer you through the process and answer all your doubts in the way.

We will help you prepare crucial documents like Director and Shareholder details, Memorandum and Articles of Association, details regarding the official address, and Statement of Capital.

Banking and Taxation

For non-UK resident producers, it’s tough to open a UK bank account. We guarantee our best efforts in getting a UK bank account if you need one.

We can help you open an account with an international bank branch in the UK.

There’s no obligation of having a bank account for running a company in the UK. You can choose various online transaction options. We will help you find the best online payment method.

A chief benefit of having a UK-based company is tax savings. Simplifresh will offer full tax for your fresh produce company. We will help you ensure tax compliance and prepare your VAT registration documents.

Official Address

Your company will need an official address. You don’t have to be a property owner for that. We will assist you in getting a registered office and business address in the same jurisdiction along with a mail forwarding service. The official mails from the government and clients will reach this address. From there, your mails will be forwarded physically or via an electronic channel for minimal charges.

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