In a little over 50 years, the sleepy fishing village of Gwadar in South West Pakistan has been transformed into one of the biggest potential areas of South Asia for trade and investment. As a strategic port in the Balochistan Province on the opening of the Strait of Hormuz in the Arabian Sea, the area is an important focal point for the Pakistan government and in 2015 a $1.62 billion development programme began in the city.

Fast forward to January 2019 and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has repeatedly affirmed his country’s commitment to the development of the port. The city has been under the radar of Gwadar property investors for some time and all the latest news points to the next exciting period in the town’s history. Substantial plans are in place for 2019 in particular and as a result this is the optimum time for Gwadar property investment.

Gwadar has been compared to other success stories across the world such as Shenzhen and it has also been described as the ‘next Dubai.’ As we’ll see, there are many reasons why that isn’t merely a bold claim.

What Does The Future Hold For Gwadar?

So back to our original question – why Gwadar? Why should investors look away from traditional property hotspots and consider buying Gwadar plots in 2020?

The future certainly looked bright for Gwadar at the beginning of 2020 and it’s proving to be a landmark year for this strategic port city. Progress on CPEC projects continued to gather momentum from January onwards before the Balochistan government made a commitment under their Master Plan project.

Growth in Gwadar has been rapid since China took a keen financial interest but it has also been sustained. Building development is booming with the airport, oil city and power plant on their way in 2019 and numerous meetings between the Chinese and Pakistani governments meetings promise continued investment for the long term future. Investors will know that there are no guarantees but these are enormously encouraging steps that underline the massive potential for financial growth. Gwadar real estate prices can only be expected to rise in 2020, so it’s advisable to get in early in what is essentially a ‘ground floor’ scenario.

Gwadar is also widely recognised as a safe and secure city so there are no concerns about the wellbeing of its residents. Some 9000 Pakistan army soldiers have been deployed here along with 6000 para-military forces personnel making it one of the most secure locations in the whole of Pakistan.

The comparisons to Dubai are very real and that’s why Gwadar should be seen as such an exciting investment opportunity. Another prosperous city Gwadar is comparable to is Shenzhen in China. Back in the 1980s and 1990s Shenzhen was the fastest growing city in the world. Like Shenzhen, Gwadar started life as a small fishing village whose value as a port location was eventually recognised. More parallels exist with both Gwadar and Shenzhen being granted special economic free zone status. Huge investment was poured into Shenzhen and while property buyers continue to target the city, much of that investment has now switched to Gwadar.

Shenzhen is now a global economic powerhouse and all that remains for Gwadar to complete the comparison is to match that status. The port is well on its way to achieving that aim: growth in the city is set to boom in 2019 and the pattern is expected to lead to financial increases in other areas so there may never be a better time to get involved in the bustling Gwadar property market.

The first stone was literally cast and, after years of planning, construction on a key piece in the Gwadar jigsaw was under way.


At the same time, Prime Minister, Imran Khan announced that there would be further transport links from Gwadar into important locations including Karachi and Quetta. The projects that are now in the pipeline focus on ferry and rail so transport links have been a focal point for the first half of 2019.

But it’s not just transport that has been dominating the headlines: Developments in energy and green initiatives have also been announced while the property market in Gwadar is enjoying a sustained period of growth.

In the latter half of 2019, the plan for the port city was finalised. Known as the Smart City Master Plan, it puts forward a framework to make Gwadar a global centre for business and tourism until 2050 with ambitions to increase the population and create extensive jobs in the area.


24/7 Electricity & Security: Underground electricity and Security

800 Meters From Jinnah Avenue Main Commercials

3500 Meters From Existing Gwadar Airport

GDA Approved Category “A”NoC

100% Land Ownership Secure Investment

05 Mins Beaches

03 Mins Zoological Gardens

08 Mins Pak-China Hospital

03 Min Gwadar Zero Point

03 Mins Gwadar Railway Station

03 Mins Education Facility Land

12 Mins Gwadar International Airport

14 Mins Gwadar Gymkhana

03 Mins CPEC Business District

11 Mins Deep Sea Port


Residential plots for sale in Gwadar, a project over 100 acres on the junction of Saravan Avenue, Buleda Boulevard, Jinnah Avenue and Coastal Highway near Zero Point and a five minutes’ drive from the airport. Residential plots for sale in Gwadar, over several acres of green spaces and parks with 100% land ownership.
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For Further details and Information about the development plans and exclusive features, you can contact using their email, phone number or any social media platform. The contact number is +44 0333 150 0290. And the email address is defined: info@gatewayinvestments.co.uk.