Yoga Shalas

Our Yoga Shalas are named after the 5 great elements of Ayurveda (Pancha mahabhutus) and suitably because of their locations around our resort.

Prithvi Shala – Earth Element. Our only shala situated on the ground. Mainly used for dance retreats and workshops due to its larger size. Located at the back of the resort towards the Luna pool and next to our Royal Villa.

Jal Shala – Water Element. The Jal Shala is the closest to the sea with full views of the ocean. Located above the main Chakra Room building on the roof top, next to our Soma pool on the right side.

Agni Shala – Fire Element. Attracts the most sun, located above the double level Chakra building next to our Luna pool. With full sea views and garden view as a roof top shala.

Vayu Shala – Air Element. Our Vayu Shala catches the most breeze, Located above the main Chakra Room building on the roof top, next to our Soma pool on the left side. Typically used for our Yoga Trainings, equipped with projector, white board and all other required training resources.

Akash Shala – Ether. Space Element. Our Akasha Shala is the highest and biggest of our 5 shalas and is located above the Standard Chakra Room building towards reception.

We also have a smaller yoga shala space located above our Royal Villa, ideal for solo practice or one – one sessions.

Each shala is equipped with full yoga props including mats, chairs, blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps, meditation cushions, mosquito nets, alters and decorated regularly with mandalas and floral decoration.

We do advice that students bring along their own yoga mats where ever possible.

We invite you to journey this tranquil experience with us.
The exotic experience of Devarya.

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